Geomechanics Testing

Black box formulas are not something all of us are comfortable diving into.  However, these complicated methods and analysis protocols are a critical aspect of planning any project that relies on rock strength or earth stresses.  Not only do our professional geoscientists translate your data into terms that are easily understood, they will provide the information you need to develop your own geomechanics model.

Our patented and distruptive technology utilizes three main functionalities: intelligent packer, mini-frac, and shear head.  Acting independently of one another, each component provides a vital set of data that supplements the overall information package.  Please contact us to discuss specific questions you may have, or to book a tour of our shop!

Research and Development

The Integrity Tool is in essence, a downhole ‘Swiss Army’ knife that incorporates multiple functionalities into one downhole package. After a two year period of engineering and development, the alpha prototype of the Integrity Tool was deployed in a Peace River oilsands location. That initial test began a comprehensive series of ground truthing protocols that has allowed us to begin development of a high temperature and high pressure version of the same. 

Our in-house development team has over 70 years of R&D experience.  If you have a need for a custom tool built for your purposes, we’d be more than happy to explore the possibilities with you.


Is Integrity Insitu data acceptable to the Alberta Energy Regulator?
Integrity Insitu has held seven separate meetings with AER staff, all of whom immediately understood the application of the Integrity Tool.

Civil engineering projects around the world have utilized aspects of this technology for determining geomechanical properties for over 65 years, and it’s application to oil and gas is now materializing. The AER were encouraging towards our efforts, and are pleased to see the introduction of new technologies that enable increased testing in an efficient manner.

Data quality is always first and foremost when the AER considers any project application, and ours will be no exception. Integrity Insitu looks forward to moving forward with both industry operators and the Regulator.

Project Management

Nobody enjoys paperwork. However, regardless of project size there is always a strong justification for some elements of formal project management to be included.  Having been part of the planning, monitoring, and execution of millions of dollars in project spending, Integrity Insitu’s team has a proven track record of delivery and value enhancement. 

Should your office have a project in mind and would benefit from PMI methodologies, we have the ability to support your needs.

In-House Education and Consulting

Learning is a lifelong process and Integrity Insitu would love to be a part of your team’s growth.  Utilizing our very deep talent pool, we offer expertise in the following areas:

  • geomechanics
  • geology
  • geophysics
  • petroleum and civil engineering
  • geophysical log interpretation
  • project management
  • business planning

If your organization would like to book a class session, we will incorporate professional in-house presentations, facility tours, guest speakers, field trips, or software demonstrations to suit your needs.

Geomechanical Consulting Services

Summary Brochures

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Stay tuned as we add more services to better suit our clients’ needs!

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