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Cory Fehr, PMP - President and CEO

Welcome to Integrity Insitu

Integrity Insitu is focused on capturing geomechanical strength and stress measurements. Our testing utilizes the patented Integrity Tool, a disruptive technology that acts as a downhole ‘Swiss Army knife’ to provide in situ, real-time geomechanical and stress data, effectively displacing the need for capturing core for geomechanical testing purposes. We also offer consulting and project management services, and are fully capable of designing, assembling and commercializing your own custom downhole tools. Integrity Insitu supports unconventional as well as conventional oil and gas projects, including but not limited to heavy oil, CO2 sequestration, hydraulic frac testing, mining, and civil engineering projects. Are you interested in optimizing your frac spreads? Ask us about our high temperature and high pressure tool.

Professional Consulting

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships based on trust and support, by helping our clients achieve their goals.

Valuable Ideas

Integrity Insitu is currently working towards a high temperature (350 F and 20,000 psi collapse rating) version of our primary technology.  Our goal is to optimize frac spreads, boosting production and saving water in the process.

High Value Services

When our unique device is applied to your projects, you can expect to improve the quality of your dataset, save months of time, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Investment Opportunities

Integrity Insitu is a privately held corporation. Investment inquiries should be directed to Cory Fehr via e-mail.


We work in partnership with a variety of local and international technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

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    Welcome to Integrity Insitu

    Integrity Insitu is a geomechanical service company based in Calgary, Alberta. Our testing utilizes the patent pending Integrity Tool, a leading edge technology that incorporates multiple functionalities to provide insitu, real-time geomechanical data. We also offer consulting and project management services, which are supplemented by our existing industry alliances.


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