Max Teitel

Max is a mechanical engineer with more than ten years of experience in R&D and multidisciplinary projects in military-spec systems. Recognized for problem-solving and time-management abilities; adept at identifying the root cause of issues and implementing creative, targeted solutions. Proven record of achievement in a large number of projects conducted to mechanical design, manufacturing, testing, system engineering with a full life cycle approach.

    Welcome to Integrity Insitu

    Integrity Insitu is a geomechanical service company based in Calgary, Alberta. Our testing utilizes the patent pending Integrity Tool, a leading edge technology that incorporates multiple functionalities to provide insitu, real-time geomechanical data. We also offer consulting and project management services, which are supplemented by our existing industry alliances.


    Bay 1, 2915 10 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2A 5L4


    +1 (403) 923-2908