Our Old Team

Board of Directors​

Cory Fehr, PMP
Chairman of the Board / President and CEO

Cory is the inventor of the Integrity Tool technology and has worked in Calgary’s oil and gas industry since the late 90’s, starting with building core boxes and slabbing samples for Dean Starks analysis.

Hermann Kramer
Board of Directors/Secretary

Hermann Kramer is an Electrical Engineer by trade and has been serving North American and Asian geophysics markets as the President and CEO of Roke Technologies since 2009. Prior to joining Roke, Hermann founded and was the President of Hotwell Canada.

Alain Audet
Board of Directors

Alain joined Dome Petroleum as a production and expense accountant in 1985. Following the Amoco transaction, Alain was part of the team responsible for the largest SAP implementation of that time. He has since worked with Syncrude and Bertram Drilling, and is currently focused on private equity raises with Duffin Phelps.

Consulting Pool

Enlighten Geoscience

Enlighten Geoscience


Work with our team

While Integrity Insitu is always interested in hearing from the best and brightest in its field, we are currently seeking a geomechanics specialist who is diverse in their background and welcomes time spent in the field. Resumes can be submitted via e-mail.

    Welcome to Integrity Insitu

    Integrity Insitu is a geomechanical service company based in Calgary, Alberta. Our testing utilizes the patent pending Integrity Tool, a leading edge technology that incorporates multiple functionalities to provide insitu, real-time geomechanical data. We also offer consulting and project management services, which are supplemented by our existing industry alliances.


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