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What is Permeability?

The permeability of a rock is the measure of how effectively a fluid will flow through the rock.  The permeability is related to the porosity and the shape, distribution and connectedness of the pores.  That permeability may differ for different flui...

What is Stress and Strain?

There are four types of stresses that can act on rocks Confining stress – weight of all the rocks above Compression – forces that act towards each other make up compressional stress… such as at convergent / collisional boundaries of tecto...

What is Pore Pressure?

Pore pressure is the pressure of fluid in the pore space of rock, and when it exceeds the hydrostatic pressure, an overpressure situation occurs. Pore pressure definition and different pore pressure regimes (Normal, under and over pressure) Pore pres...

What is Friction Angle?

For a planar, clean (no infilling) fracture, the cohesion is zero and the shear strength is defined solely by the friction angle. The friction angle of the rock material is related to the size and shape of the grains exposed on the fracture surface....

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