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What is Pore Pressure?

Pore pressure is the pressure of fluid in the pore space of rock, and when it exceeds the hydrostatic pressure, an overpressure situation occurs. Pore pressure definition and different pore pressure regimes (Normal, under and over pressure) Pore pressure in the sediments can be over pressure, under pressure or normally pressured. Normal pore pressure scenario […]

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What is Friction Angle?

For a planar, clean (no infilling) fracture, the cohesion is zero and the shear strength is defined solely by the friction angle. The friction angle of the rock material is related to the size and shape of the grains exposed on the fracture surface. Thus, a fine-grained rock and rock with a high mica content […]

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What is Unconfined Compressive Strength?

The unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of sedimentary rocks is a key parameter needed to address a range of geomechanical problems ranging from limiting wellbore instabilities during drilling, to assessing sanding potential and quantitatively constraining stress magnitudes using observations of wellbore failure. Various applications can be used for the development of rock strength profiles along the […]

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What are In-situ Stresses?

In-situ stresses: Overburden and Minimum/Maximum Horizontal Stresses. Underground rocks and sediments are subjected stresses, the principal ones being: Vertical stress Minimum horizontal stress Maximum horizontal stress It is critical to identify the magnitude and direction of the horizontal stresses to understand stresses that are subjected to an element of rock in the formation. This information […]

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